River Road Wine Trail Social Media Map

River Road Wine Trail is not just about great wineries, it’s also about spectacular scenery – the journey. We would love to have you share your thoughts and photos and videos as you stop along the way, so we’ve provided a unique way for you to do that. Create your own map marker and build our travel log. Just follow the easy instructions below.

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Instructions for Adding your Content to Social Map

Social Map 1
1. Create Your Map Marker:

Simply double click on the social media map to begin adding a location. If needed, you can drag and drop the pinpoint to it’s exactly location, or enter a specific address on the following step, which is reached by clicking the button as shown (Click on the thumbnail above to view an eample screenshot).

Social Media 2
2. Location Details Popup

Next, you will see a pop-up where you can add all important details. This includes Location title, Photos/Video, and location information. See more notes below for each detail:

Location Title: Enter a specific title for the location

Location Address: An optional address can be used to specify the exact spot. It will also be entered into the pop-up’s “Location Details” section once approved.

Description:  We encouraged you to add specific details about a location to specify why it is important or special. This can include what you enjoyed about it, landmark history, tour details, and more!

Video URL and Photos: You can add a single youtube or vimeo video to a location, as well as up to five unique photos.  These items will automatically be added to a responsive gallery, complete with thumbnails and mobile variations.

To add photos, simply click on the thumbnail as indicated, and our Social Media Map will handle the rest!

3. Thank You Message

Once you click the “Submit Location for Review” button, that’s it!  You will receive a Thank You message confirming receipt and the location will be submitted for approval.  Once approved, it is featured on the map! Here’s an idea of how the end product will appear:
Social Media 3