Ventana Vineyards

The Ventana Vineyard was planted in 1974. The vineyard was named “Ventana,” Spanish for “window,” because the vineyard lies up against the Ventana Wilderness in Monterey County, but also because it symbolized a “window to the future” in California viticulture. At the time, there were very few vineyards in the area, but today, Monterey has taken its rightful place beside Napa and Sonoma as one of the great wine regions of California. Great wines are made in the vineyard, and the Ventana Vineyard has the perfect combination of water, soil, climate, art and science to create superb, world-class wines. Ventana is known for its unique planting style and phenomenal Estate wines. This sought after vineyard is owned by a small group of local growers who have lived and worked in the region for generations.

Friday through Sunday 11am – 4pm
38740 Los Coches Rd. Soledad, Ca. 93960
(831) 678-2306
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