Scheid Vineyards

Ventana Vineyards

As one of the largest independent growers of premium wine grapes, the primary business of Scheid Vineyards is the production and sale of wine grapes to wine producers. Many people do not realize that the majority of California’s wineries grow only a portion of the wine grapes they need in their own vineyards. For the rest, they depend on growers to supply quality wine grapes grown to their specifications. What our customers value most is a relationship where our viticultural team works closely with them to produce the flavors and other qualities that make their wines special. Throughout the years, we have strived to create such partnerships with our winery customers and have delivered wine grapes to many of the state’s outstanding winemakers.

Daily 11am – 5pm

1972 Hobson Avenue, Greenfield, CA 93927

(831) 386–0316